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Bromic Gas Heaters Repair & Installation

Hydraflow Plumbing services Sydney's Bromic Gas Heating and all patio outdoor heaters across clubs, pubs, restaurants, RSL's and League clubs.
Bromic recommends Hydraflow Plumbing.
Hydraflow Plumbing has the support and confidence of Bromic heating who trust Hydraflow as their recommended installer and gas service repair technician.

Bromic Installation


Installation costs start from $300. Hydraflow offers gas pipework installation and advice on electrical requirements.

Additionally Hydraflow can offer advice on where and how to position the heaters along with the recommended size requirements for the space to be heated taking into consideration the experience for your clients. Call Now

Bromic Heater Repair


As a Bromic Heater specialist Hydraflow has extensive product knowledge and has direct access to Bromic parts. Free quotes. Call Now

Bromic Reconditioning


Hydraflow Plumbing can advise if reconditioning is possible and what this will involve for your specific heater. Free quotes. Call Now

Bromic Heater Replacement


Hydraflow Plumbing is the Bromic service and warranty agent. Call Now

Bromic Heater Sales


Hydraflow Plumbing carries some Bromic heaters and offers competitive prices. Call Now

Bromic FAQ

In order to have the heater correctly installed it is recommended to use an installer endorsed by Bromic to ensure the Bromic heater safety and standards are met.
Bromic and Hydraflow Plumbing offer extended warranty packages. Talk to either Bromic or Hydraflow to find out more.
Yes. It is recommended getting advice on where the Bromic heater is positioned to ensure the desired experience and comfort is achieved.
Yes and when possible we will look to use existing power points.