Licensed Plumber

Rules and regulations, who cares..?

Sure you want to get the job done, easily and fast and the ‘trades’ person’ or hubby or the person good with these things, knows more about plumbing services than you do. What could go wrong..?

Plumbing is an essential profession in today's society. Plumbing requires formal training, the management of regulated specifications and practical experience to properly manage risks, know what to look out for and ensure the long term well-being of your property.

Legally a license is required for all specialist work, irrespective of the cost, and includes electrical wiring, plumbing, drainage and gasfitting work and air conditioning and refrigeration work.

The right tradesperson holds the right license

Builders, developers, owner–builders and tradespeople must warrant that, among other things, their work has been performed with due care and skill.

Protect yourself

Protect yourself and your investment by making sure you hire the right people for the job.

When you build or renovate, things may not always go to plan and it is important to have the support of Fair Trading to assist if you cannot resolve a dispute with your builder or tradesperson.

You should always check your tradesperson holds the right licence for the job

The licence check will tell you the licence holder’s name, licence number/s, categories (or types) and expiry dates.

NSW Fair Trading research into licensing reveals that some consumers are at risk because they do not actively check that a tradesperson is licensed before they hire. The research shows that 80 percent of homeowners think licensing is important, but only one in 10 go to the Fair Trading to check if a tradesperson is licensed or not.

Call Fair Trading for a free licence check of Hydraflow Plumbing on 13 32 20.

"As a plumber I am always surprised by how few people check my license and I encourage you to do so"

I am a fully licensed plumber and am insured to properly deliver your plumbing services.

Information referenced from the State of New South Wales, NSW Fair Trading. For current information go to

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