Supply and install inclusive pricing for Bromic Gas Heaters | No hidden costs

Have you considered ceiling height, how the configuration of your outdoor space will impact the heat created and where you will sit to enjoy the outdoor heat? Read on to find out more.

Easily get the total cost for your new gas heating requirements and have the confidence you know what your outdoor heating experience will achieve while knowing there will be no other expenses that you need to consider.

I am the Bromic Gas Heating recommended installer and gas service repair technician for their Sydney clients.

I offer you my expertise and experience to supply and install your new gas heaters.

Please see below the supply and install prices (at the bottom of the page) for the top four Bromic Heaters. If you want another heater type or to find out more, call me directly on 0432 417 224.


Why buy from me as a Supply and Install option?

Valuable advice on where to put your new Gas Heater and realistic expectations of heat performance.


For the best operation you should generally only have one side of your alfresco space open and this can be achieved with cafe blinds if necessary.


When installed with a heat deflecter, ceiling height should be a minimum of 2.7m which will position the bottom of the heater 2.1m from the ground.


These heaters are designed to heat an area rather than trying to heat someone standing in-front of it. For this reason it is often best to not have the heater pointed directly at where you will be sitting as this will just make everyone too hot.


The Bromic Platinum and Tungsten Heater range are strictly on or off and can not be turned up or down like an indoor heater.


As these heaters are plug and play, your power point will require remote switching. This can be achieved in two ways. Either a remote outlet controller (sold separately from $60) or by having your electrician install a switch to operate the powerpoint next to the heater (which is too high for you to reach). Please note it is best not to install your power point on the ceiling as the soft plastic will warp from the heat over time.

The Bromic Gas Heaters are market leaders for outdoor heating and here's some of their great features:

    1. They look good and add to the style of your outdoor space while adding heat
    2. Can be purchased to run on either LPG or Natural Gas
    3. Market leader and best available to maximise heat comfort
    4. Remote switch options available for as little as $60 extra charge
    5. Technology enhanced with Re-Ignition
    6. Match the heater size to your outdoor space as available in two sizes, the big version called the 500 Series (42Mj) or the smaller 300 Series (25Mj)
    7. Offer wall mounting or ceiling mounting


Bromic Tungsten 500

Bromic Tungsten 500

Bromic Tungsten 300

Bromic Tungsten 300

Bromic Platinum 500

Bromic Platinum 500

Bromic Platinum 300

Bromic Platinum 300



These prices include supply and install of the heater and heat deflecter within 10km of Marrickville. This price includes the delivery fee of the heater. There needs to be a power point and gas point within half a meter of the heater location. This price includes the supply of a gas hose between heater and gas point as well as gas stop tap required under gas regulations. The price does not include a remote control but can be added for an additional $60. 50% upfront deposit required.

Subject to the above conditions, the prices are:

Bromic Tungsten 300 = $2300 INC GST
Bromic Tungsten 500 = $2800 INC GST
Bromic Platinum 300 = $2900 INC GST
Bromic Platinum 500 = $3600 INC GST

Bromic Group Heaters
The Bromic Tungsten 500, Bromic Tungsten 300, Bromic Platinum 500 and Bromic Platinum 300 Gas Heaters all ensure a powerful outdoor heating experience to maximise your comfort and achieve efficiency, they're easy to use and give the best possible aesthetics.

What's the difference between the The Bromic Tungsten Gas Heater and the Bromic Platinum Gas Heater?

The four key differences are: price, design look, the Platinum Gas Heater is better for wind resistance and the Tungsten Gas Heater is better for spaces where children throw balls given the glass on the Platinum.