Is it time for a new toilet?

Here’s how to go about selecting your new throne!


Your current toilet - the waste shape

The first step is to establish how the waste is configured on your current toilet. In plumbing terms this is if it's a ’S’ trap or ‘P’ trap. This means the waste pipe either makes a figurative S or P shape! In practical terms this is if the waste pipe goes into the wall or the floor. An ’S’ trap will go into the floor and ‘P’ trap into the wall.

Your current toilet - the range

Once you know whether it’s an S or P trap you need to know the ‘range’. In a S trap the range is the distance from the wall behind the toilet, to the centre of the pipe going through the floor. In a P trap, it is the distance from the floor to the centre of the pipe going through the wall.

The range is more important for a S trap.

Most toilets are a P trap however they come with a kit to convert them to a S trap.

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New Toilet Specifications

Your current toilet - the water

The water for your toilet can enter by the bottom of the cistern and if this is the case, you will see a tap to the side of the toilet.
Alternatively, the water will enter from behind the cistern. The tap can only be seen if you lift the lid of the cistern.

The toilet with a rear entry water feed can be harder to replace given the fixed position of this tap.

The new toilet - the range

When looking at toilet options they will give you a range of between A and B. If the measurement of the range of your existing toilet is between this range, you’ve found a toliet that will work in your bathroom.

The new toilet - water

Ensure the water inlet is in the same position as your current toilet.

The new toilet - either linked or close coupled suite

The last thing to know about toilets is the two ways a cistern is connected to the toilet bowl. The first is via a pipe, this is referred to as a linked suite. The second is when the cistern sits directly on top of the toilet bowl. This is referred to as a close coupled suite.

Before you go searching for your new toilets here’s two last things to think about...

When choosing your new toilet consider how much space you have available in-front of the toilet, as toilets can vary in length from the rear wall to the front of the bowl. You don’t want to have your face pushed up against the wall on your new throne!

Also consider the foot print your old toilet will leave on the ground. It is always better to have the new toilet foot print that is larger than your old one. This will prevent any unsightly marks left from the old toilet on your tiles.

You are now ready to go hunting for a toilet.

If you need more help on how to select your toilet either ask in the store or contact your local plumber. Anders is available for any questions.

Happy hunting.

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