6 ways to save money by making it easier for your plumber


  1. Be nice
Business is not the dating world where the nice guy doesn’t get the girl. Being nice is good for business and while it sounds like such a simple thing, it makes a huge difference to both the plumber and you the client. Everyone wants great customer service and a more enjoyable experience. Common sense should prevail such as showing respect, following up on information requests and helping the plumber when possible. Remember as a service provider plumbers rely on  repeat sales and positive word of mouth so it goes without saying they should be nice too!
Find a local plumber
Sydney traffic can be problematic at the best of times and everyones day has to be more enjoyable without a long commute. It is much easier for a plumber to get to you when its local to you both, and this time saving means work can start faster. A local job also gives the plumber more flexibility in finding a time to call in, being able to give you more available time slots and aligning their presence when the job needs them most.
Be upfront about the work
In todays busy world 'do to lists' are never ending and this is also true for a plumber. When managing mulitple jobs and the diaries of different clients,
Consider the number of visits
“You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce”. Whether you like the quote or not, the message is the same - we all have 24 hours available in one day. That said, if your plumber has to visit 10 times because the job requires it, no worries. But  generally speaking, the more times a plumber has to call in each time requires travel, setting up of tools to get started.
A days work
A great way to make the most of a plumber, is to save up a number of jobs and get them to come once and do everything!
Know what you what
Often the hardest part, particular with renovations is making deacons when there are so many options. Plumbers are there to help you and answer any questions or explore with you the available options. As a client if you can be clear of what you want, and don’t change your mind - this saves the plumber time and will make your job cost less.
Hopefully the above six points give you some extra insight on how we can work together and ensure you get the best results for your plumber work. Contact me to find out more or ask any plumbing renovation or plumbing maintenance questions.